"The art of Virgilio is constantly the fruit of confrontations and mixtures which amaze us at first and of whom we eventually undergone to spell. Ther is in the painting a subtil mixture of dream and reality. It is as the same moment realist and surrealist. He abandons in the middle of nowhere a broken armchair. An eradicated tree pulls with its racines the pavements of the road, whereas a red bicycle waits for his owner... Even when the realism seems the most natural, supernatural is latent and disturbs us. Virgilio's art is an art of a big righteousness, which knew how to reconcile in a personal way the imagination and the reality, the daily and the short-lived."

Georges Pillement

"Virgilio's painting has for me a very deep resonnance. Realism, but by the miracle of the painting, the realism be. Unusual reports but without smudges of colours, power of the composition, infallibility of the line, without forgetting the atmosphere of the chosen subjects, here is a very personal, authentic art, which requires the true pondering.

Critique de Mr C. Dorgeuille, président de l'Association Freudienne.

"I think to the big Dutch painter of the beginning of the century, Charley Toorop, and to Josef Sima, so different nevertheless, and nevertheless so close...I think especially of a sentence of Max Beckmann:"To understand the invisible, it is necessary to penetrate farthest as possible into the visible".

Jef van Hoof.

"How do we have to paint a picture representing those who can buy everything itself but who however sound dead and motionless? Virgilio solves this problem. Against a blue and cheerful sky, a big black tree stretches its branches and its twigs without leaves; hung on these are in excess of enormous and sensational red apples. In a way always new this Italian of Paris finds metaphors in images finely hidden, mostly with an ironic humor, to represent complex relations.
Yes even the tone of the word and the games Of words are echoed by him in paintings generally Clear and brilliant, wanting only beautiful, that it is about associations with its sunny homeland or about its love for France. This Cheerful appearance, expressed frivolously and elegance, results from an accurate pictorial technique, from a fabulous instinct for values and from contrasts of colour, as well as from the poetry which is present in every detail, every line. His Fantastic power comes from the fact that with the only colour it always seizes the main part of Things and materials(subjects)..."

Extrait d'un article du Reinische Post, par H K Pesch.





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Florence 2007 /the vidéo.

Exposition dans le centre historique de Florence 2007.














































Exposition 2010 Paris
















































































1970 à 1973

Galerie Joly, Blois
Mairie de Bobigny
Mairie d'Epinay
"Maison orange"de Drancy

Prix du département Rosny-sous-bois.
Expo collective Nogent sur Marne

Exposition collective, Galerie Communale Bologne. 1988 4ème salon des jardins de la Roquette.  
1974   Milan, palais de la province. 1989  

Hilden-Düsseldorf, galerieMichels.
Milan, centre d'Art Il Torchio di Porta Romana.


Milan, Galerie Ciovasso.
Bologne centre d'Art-studio 5.
Expo collective "été de Lizzano" Expo collective itinérante en Calabre

1990 Galerie de l'ancien courrier, Montpellier.  

Bologne, Centre international des arts.
Exposition itinérante en Calabre.
Milan, galerie Ciovasso.



Hilden-Düsseldorf, Galerie Michels.

1978 Galerie de la ville de Gentilly.   1994 Galerie l'Atelier ADAC Paris.  
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1980 Centre culturel de Crosne.   1999 Hôpital Cochin, Clichy.  
1981   Bruxelles, Galerie d'Art Banco di Roma. 2000

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Galerie Constantin Weyer, Vichy.
Centre culturel V Larbaud.


Galerie marais 19, Paris.
Maison de l'Unesco, Paris.

Hilden-Düsseldorf, Galerie Michels.
Bruxelles, Banco di Roma.

2001 Espace d'exposition, rue Bréguet, Paris.  

Galerie tête d'affiche, Paris.
Galerie du théâtre, Aix la Chapelle.
Galerie la Carbonnerie, Montpellier.

Alzey, RFA, Galerie Kunst im Burggrafiat.
Hilden-Düsseldorf, Galerie Michels.

2004 Exposition Galerie Multitudes, Paris  

Galerie, aéroport d'Orly.
Galerie l'atelier, ADAC Paris.
Grand Palais, salon de la figuration critique.

Bruxelles, galerie Alpha.
Genève, GalerieCalvin.


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Edité dans le "Dizionario Enciclopedico Internazionale d'Arte Moderna e Comtemporanea 2005/2006".


1985 Décors pour le Théâtre de Neuilly et expo personnelle.
Expo collective internationale au café de la paix.
Zürich, 1ère biennale Seetal in Meisterschwanden. 2006

Salon des Arts 14ème ardt, Paris

Exposition Casa Alba, Ferrara.
Galleria Associazione Centro Storico Firenze


Chapelle Hôtel de ville de Vesoul.
Expo des artistes du 11ème arrondissement Paris.
Galerie l'Atelier, ADAC Paris.

Nogent sur Seine, 1ère biennale internationale des Arts

Hilden-Düsseldorf, Galerie Michels. 2007   Exposition personnelle à la Galleria Associazione Centro Storico Firenze
1987   Alzey, Galerie Kunst im Burggrafiat, RFA.  2010

 galerie l'expo paris porte de vanves








At a time when contemporary art seems to have forgotten his original identity, the work of an artist as Virgilio Jatosti shows how contrary to the maintenance of pictorial tradition is crucial.
The artistic Virgilio seeks the mystery beyond the visible reality. His paintings are not mere representations of reality, but depict the elements in their areas for both metaphysical and enigmatic.
The artist reveals through her paintings a unique dimension hesitating between realism, the suggestion and dreamy surrealism. The choice of themes, rich palette and intensity lights concourrent to create compositions unusual even provocative, hiding in an apparent logic, irrational components that make his work, an art profoundly enigmatic.


Extract art critic D. Pronesti Florence Expo 2007.